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28 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you wanting to transform your small and compact kitchen into a dream kitchen but you’re unsure of where to start? We have presented to you several articles in the past on kitchen design, including Bright and colorful kitchen design inspirations, Gorgeous and inspirational kitchens, and Vintage chic kitchens from Marchi Cucine. The reality is, most of us are tight on space and although large and spacious kitchens are every chef’s dream, sometimes space constraints will not work with us to create these types of kitchens. Even though you may have a smaller space, that doesn’t mean that you cannot still create a beautiful kitchen. Ideally the kitchen work triangle would be a great guide in your kitchen, which is meant to create efficiency, yet if you have a single wall kitchen, it is impossible to achieve. Just be sure to pay close attention to each and every measurement when setting up your kitchen workspace— a few inches can make a big difference, especially in small kitchens. Read More