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25 Best Collection Of Life Quotes

Life is a pleasurable gift for us from God. If we have no life then the meaning of our existence would not be fulfilled. In our life we face many difficulties and cheerfulness. Because of some happiness the mood of any person becomes very lightly, and because of any difficulty or mourning the mood becomes depressed. There are many goals and wise motto for life. Many quotes are available to spend the life in improved and meaningful way. Sometimes people get disheartened by the ups and down of life. In that case the quotes about life embolden them and give them a new thought to spend their life in accurate and unspoiled method. The sensible quotes are very compulsory for the developed guidance for life. If we have no motive and no determination for life then there is no meaning of our life. Occasionally people use the quotations to express their current feelings and thoughts about life. Some people use quotations to share them with their friends and other relatives. Life is too short and we have to live it in joyful way. Read More