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Clothespin Wreath Tutorial


Clothespin Wreath Tutorial

First off, so excited to be guest posting for Gwen and her Haul out the Holly series! (every time I hear that phrase, the song starts playing in my head!) hehe Isn’t this little wreath so festive? Oh but look-what’s it made of? Clothespins. For holding your Christmas cards! cute (and brilliant), no? Want your own? You’ll need: wire clothes hanger yard of ribbon 1 pack of clothespins (I used most of a pack of 50, only $1.50 at Walmart) green spray paint pony beads wire cutter/pliers glue gun empty box (diaper boxes work well;) OK, let’s get started! First, pull the flaps off of the box, and clip all your clothespins like so. Handy, huh?

Spray 3-4 coats of paint on the clothespins. Make sure to get in between the two parts as best you can, and underneath as well. Let them dry for a day or so.

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