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50 Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Christmastime is one of the biggest baking seasons of the year — with cookie exchanges, food gifts, and parties of all kinds. If you’d like to make a dessert that’s eons above the “same old same old” pies or puddings, think cake — and take a look at these designs for some great ideas on how to decorate it. If you’re especially handy with a needle (or you have a friend who is!), make a cross-stitch banner saying “Merry Christmas” to wrap around the sides of your cake…then frost the top with snowy white and invite a snowman to come aboard. If you’re not “crafty” though, don’t despair — buy figures for the top of your cake, and it’ll still be company-ready. On the other hand, try “non-cake-shapes” such as stacks of “boxes” or giant “ornament” circles, and you’ll wow your guests for sure. Read More