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33 DIY Christmas Calendars Ideas

December has arrived! That means you can finally feel as though it’s socially acceptable to count down to Christmas — because let’s be honest, you’ve secretly been waiting for months. The best way to celebrate the most festive month of the year is with an Diy Christmas calendar.Advent calendars are a fun way for kids to count down the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Check out these festive and unique handmade Diy calendars you can create just in time to open the very first gift. Out of all possible Christmas decorations, Diy calendars definitely packs the most cuteness potential. Especially if you are a lover of tiny things. This Idea just requires a few supplies and little craftiness.The main supply needed to create this calendars is felt. Take advantage of what you already have — gift boxes, bags, envelopes — and fix them to a make one for finished product.Instead of buying a generic version at the grocery store, craft your own calendar and put it on display.   If you’re looking for classic Christmas colors, this calendars DIY will leave you feeling pleased.We’ve got all sorts of ideas that will get you in the spirit. Read on to see just how easy these DIYs actually are.Check Out 10 Beautiful Diy Christmas Calendars Ideas. Read More