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40 Unique And Creative Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Welcome trick-or-treaters with these simple, easy-to-carve pumpkin creations! Machines, monsters and owls, oh my! Greet trick-or-treaters and have a spooky Halloween with these simple, easy-to-carve pumpkin ideas. Read More

22 Spooky And Crazy Hairstyles For Halloween

Hey! Ladies, Halloween is coming soon! It is a holiday all about dressing up in costumes, watching some scary movies and other fun stuff. Apart from making your costumes look more impressive, you should also pay attention on your Halloween hair look. An attractive hairstyle will be a big bonus to your overall style. Today, we’ve rounded up 22 spooky Halloween hairstyles to give you an exciting inspiration! Read More

Catrina Halloween Makeup Ideas For 2016

Needless to say, with a little thought and some inspired Catrina Halloween Makeup Ideas this could be the ideal time to show your darker, funky or supernatural side. Still in doubt would you like to be on Halloween? It’s not the time to play safe when it comes to quality makeup. It’s time to get inspired and totally become someone or something else. It isn’t everyday you can totally convert into a different creature, right? You don’t need to spend lots of money, just invest some time and imagination on creating this fun and amazing Catrina Halloween Makeup Ideas Looks! Take a look at these cool character makeup ideas I’m sure we could make it fun! Read More

50 Awesome Halloween Decorations to Make This Year

Decorating for a Halloween party at your house is something you will always enjoy, no matter how old you are. If you are going to host a Halloween party at your home, you have to get things right in the first place as far as the Halloween decorations are concerned. There are thousands of ideas available over the internet and bit modification and addition to them can bring out the best in you. Read More

25 Stunning Red And Black Halloween Ideas

Red and black is an amazing Goth color combo, ideal for a Halloween party. Here you can get any theme you like: Goth, glam Goth, vampire, zombie, Dexter, witches, the Addams family or any other you like. For a Halloween masquerade or glam Goth party lay the tables with red roses, add glitter black and red skulls, make refined rhinestone pumpkins in red and black. Spooky wreaths, human heads, bats and blood candles are traditional and no Halloween can do without them. Don’t forget the food! On this day food is a part of the decor: make the tasty and scary food like coffin brownies, radish and olive eye and brain cakes. Get inspired by the ideas below! Read More

25 Awesome Pumpkin Halloween Decorations Ideas

For centuries Christians have celebrated the evening before special holy day, known as keeping a vigil, and the concept of Halloween comes from keeping that vigil the eve before All Hallows Day. In Ireland and Scotland church-faring citizens congregated at evening ceremonies to offer prayers and blessings in the local churchyards where holy water was sprinkled on the graves as a blessing to ward off evil and as an opportunity to remember those family members that had passed on. As with a lot of the Christian festivals and holy days these were preempted by Celtic festivals and in this particular instance it is believed that All Hallows was previously the Celtic celebratory feast of Samhain which marked the beginning of Winter. Check these 25 Amazing Pumpkin Halloween Decorations Ideas. Read More

21 Coolest Bunny Halloween Makeup Ideas

Who wants to spend lots of money on a generic store to purchase, boring bunny makeup and costume that is probably uncomfortable, hot, and itchy to boot? Make your own bunny makeup quickly and easily, and delight the little Bunny Halloween makeup in your life! A darker shade of pink complements the pink circle nicely with a pretty stitch like the blanket stitch. As we all know how important to have perfect makeup for the Halloween. As we always want Halloween festival memorable. So if you are thinking to have Bunny Halloween Makeup this year, then you are at right place. We have collected some great Bunny makeup ideas for you. Have a look and enjoy! Read More

Scariest Halloween Makeup For Day of The Dead

Those of you who know me well will know that I absolutely adore Mexico. The country is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen but what’s even more beautiful is it’s traditions. One of my favorites is Dia De Los Muertos better known to us as Day Of The Dead. This is the tradition where the life of loved ones that have passed is celebrated and honored. It normally takes place on November 1st & November 2nd but we often use the makeup for Halloween! Read More

Halloween Makeup For Women To Look Scary

Among the world’s most celebrated events, Halloween is of worth importance. It is celebrated on 31st October every year. The celebrations of allhallowe’en are worldwide. Though many western Christians celebrate this event religiously but many non-Christians also take part in the celebrations of this event throughout the world. It is celebrated in the remembrance of all martyrs, all dead saints and many strong believer dead people. It is also known by many names as allhallowe’en, all saints’ day and all hallows’ eve. The celebrations of this event last for three days. People celebrate this event by wearing different costumes and doing Halloween makeup, carving pumpkins into jack-o lantern and attending bonfires and parties. Read More