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Organize Your Home With Do It Yourself Hacks

Do you have clutter everywhere you turn. Perhaps, a pile of mail from the last 6 months, or, a junk drawer overflowing with items you totally forgot you had. If you have a smaller home you probably use the excuse that you don’t have room for everything. Chances are, you do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem that you live in a small space. Read More

30 Cute Craft Ideas

Why do we do crafts and put together DIY projects? Well, for the love of course, but in some cases for money. Not the love of money, that’s bad, but because getting paid to do what you love is considered a very successful life. So, with that in mind I present 42 craft project ideas that range from dang simple to kinda hard, especially if you can’t sew. There is something for every type of crafter and I believe every one of these ideas can sell at any craft show or even on Etsy. In fact, a few are already proven sellers on and most have sold out so there is room for you to make more of anything. If you have had success at a craft show, please share. This site isn’t just about me sharing ideas with readers, but you sharing ideas with me and also my readers. Read More

Refresh Your Home With 16 Amazing Ideas Of DIY Spring

So long, winter! These simple projects will infuse your home with a breath of fresh air. Discover spring’s hottest decor trends and refresh your home with easy DIY projects. Add bursts of bright color, energetic patterns, and lively springtime motifs to your home to effortlessly transition it into spring. Decorating for spring is the perfect time of year to go the DIY route. Springtime has a lot of pretty elements you can incorporate into handmade spring decorations. From flowers to pastels to butterflies, there’s plenty of whimsical ideas to inspire any DIYing domestic goddess like yourself. Read More

33 Amazing Diy Wall Project

There are literally thousands of different ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office (along with posters and prints). But we narrowed it down a little to our top 100 favorite ideas. Whether you’re into metallics or neon, color block or obmre, 2D or 3D there’s an idea here to fit your home and your budget. Be sure to tell us in the comments which is your favorite. Read More

28 Great Ideas for DIY Wine Cork Craft Projects

The insanely beautiful and fully permanent resource in our home of DIY project is the wine bottle cork. It comes in increments indeed but once you have gathered enough great things do stand in front of you. Starting from complex and beautiful wall art installation and ending with jewelry pieces or coffee tables the possibilities opened by multiple wine bottle cork projects are incredible and with this thought in mind we are showcasing below only a drop of inspiration on beautiful homemade wine bottle cork projects. Read More

40 DIY Home Decor Ideas

If you really want to decorate you are in the right place. The wow style has for you 40 diy home decor ideas. It is interesting of these ideas that  you can make it alone by yourself. They are cheap and it is funny to make them. On the other side they look amazing and will be good change in your home, garden or anywhere you will make them. So, look below what The wow style offer you and make something new for your home. Let’s decorating be enjoyment for you! Read More

26 DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Easter is just a few days away which means it is almost time to dye eggs! I have so many fond memories of dying eggs at home. My mom was always unbelievably patient with me…even when I tried dying our eggs before boiling them in water. (What a mess!) I will also never forget finding an egg weeks later hidden behind our piano…another oops.Check Out 26 DIY Easter Egg Ideas Here. Read More

Amazing DIY Ideas For Candle Decoration

Winter is perfect season to decorate your home and to make warm, festive atmosphere. Candles can create amazing versatility, and they have uncanny ability to create instant ambience. Give your home the warm glow of candle light with these DIY candles and candle holders ideas. You can make a decorative candle holder for just about any holiday or season, for parties and family gatherings, or just for every day use in your house. These are fantastic projects for the weekend. When it comes to creating a glamorous ambience on the cheap, there’s nothing like candlelight. Just a few can have a big impact on a room’s overall atmosphere. We gathered nice assortment of crafty tutorials for making decorative candles and candle holders. You’ll find plenty of creative ideas in this collection using a variety of materials. Enjoy! Read More

40 Ideas Of Valentine Day Gifts For Him

Valentine’s Day Gifts for him should be an easy task for many women out there who are ready to capture men’s heart in this special day of the month. Guys are not like girls, they do not need to have sweet talks in order to get a ‘pass’ score in Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, girls on their part should somehow get a gifts to their love in this date as to express to the guy that he does has a place in heart. Read More

80 Diy Valentine Day Card Ideas

When it comes to greeting cards, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. Whether you’re expressing the depth of your feelings to your spouse or significant other, or you’re viewing the date as an opportunity to play “secret admirer” to someone you’ve had your eye on, no other day of the year is quite as ripe with romantic possibility. Of course, there’s more to “V-Day” than romance! Over the years, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a celebration of love and affection in all of its many forms. Children, for instance, look forward to exchanging Valentines with all of their friends and classmates on February 14th, and the practice of sending Valentines to friends and relatives is gaining in popularity among adults as well. If you own a business, you can even let clients and customers know that they’re in your thoughts by sending them an appropriate Valentine’s Day greeting card along with a special coupon or limited time offer. No matter what your intentions may be this year, make sure you give your friends and loved ones the best Valentine’s Day possible by forgoing the generic cards that are currently cluttering the aisles of stores all over the country, and create personalized greeting cards instead. Custom printed Valentine’s Day cards offer an excellent way to lend your most heartfelt sentiments even more sincerity, and your recipients are sure to feel incredibly flattered by the extra effort. Read More

Amazing DIY Christmas Hacks

Get ready for the Christmas season with our clever tricks to simplify the holidays. They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas is also the most stressful time of the year. With all the gift buying, present wrapping, decorating, hosting, and all the good things that come along with the holiday season, it can get to be a little much. Make this Christmas the best time of the year with these  Christmas hacks that will simplify this holiday season. Read More

Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is perfect time to show your love and care to your loved ones. Everyone of us tries to find the perfect gift every year – and that’s not really easy. Are you tired of giving the same old store bought mass-produced gifts that everyone else is? These homemade Christmas gifts will be something they’ll actually want to receive, and you’ll feel good that you made it yourself. Keep in mind that handmade items are not just beautiful but special. Take a look at the following photos of 17 awesome ideas for DIY gifts. Here you can find different kinds of things that you can create by your own without spending too much money. Read More

Creative DIY Ideas to Repurposed Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are supposed to be durable and well constructed and this allows them to be reused but also repurposed. There are numerous ways in which wooden crates can be upcycled around the house. Every single room could benefit from such a project. If you are trying to find some interesting DIY projects which will be budget friendly, the following diy projects are perfect for you. Use your old wooden crates to make something interesting and creative for your home. Check the following diy projects for inspiration and find the perfect project for you. Read More

DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas

A simple pair of gloves gets an embellished upgrade for maximum gift-worthiness.

DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas

A simple pair of gloves gets an embellished upgrade for maximum gift-worthiness.

Beeswax candles you can made.

Buttons, glue, felt tip pens, easy Christmas postcard gift.

Candy Bouquet

Candy Christmas tree.

Chalkboard Painted Mugs

Cookie basket made from a paper plate.


Cupcake onesies gift

Read More

70 Unique Christmas Ideas

Winter time remind us to Christmas time. In the winter usually everything is in the spirit of Christmas. So, if you want to make unique and unforgettable Christmas party, you mast take care about all.This is the right time to start to preparing for the Christmas party. You need to start thinking about your home decorations, your lovely Christmas tree, the presents, the party. This year try to make perfect Christmas party that no one will forget it.From angels to zest, we’ve pulled together some of our easiest and most clever Christmas ideas.It is time to start your christmas decoration. Here we gathered a bunch of cool ideas of Christmas decorations to help you get inspired. Continue reading and share! Read More

Pretzel Christmas Trees

Pretzel Christmas Trees

Be  ready for something so incredibly easy but looks so incredibly festive?  As with most families that have married children, the holidays  need to be shared with both sides of the family.  This is the year where our kids will be spending Christmas with their spouse’s family so instead of having everyone home for Christmas, they will all be home for Thanksgiving.  For which I am grateful! Read More