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A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Dating

Online dating is all the rage these days. It seems to be the way people choose to meet in busy worlds where other methods fall short. The time involved in going out to meet someone is consuming when you might have children and/or careers that keep you too busy. Dating people from work is not always a good idea so online dating becomes the preferred method. There are some tips that will make the process a better one.

1.Stay safe

This is the number one concern when you’re dating a stranger. Make sure to meet in a well-lit place, probably for lunch or a drink after work.

2.What to Say

Keep the conversation general and not too personal. All you say is written so it’s not the same as saying something you can deny you said later if you’re just having an oral conversation.

3.Current Photo

If you’re 40 years old and include a picture of yourself when you were 20, chances are you’re not going to get past the first date. You’ve changed a lot since then even if you think you haven’t. Make the picture of yourself clear and honest.

4.Don’t Talk About Exes

This is now and not then. No one wants to hear all the complaints you have about your ex. Most everyone has exes, but your compatibility with the person you are meeting now should not be based on your agreement with how bad your exes may have treated you. This is a new relationship so forget the past.

5.Share Expenses

Depending on how you see it, splitting the bill is a good idea. In the past, men were always the ones expected to pay, but the social mores have changed. Don’t expect the other party to foot the bill. Be prepared to contribute.

6.Be Selective

Before deciding on meeting any particular person, make sure you’ve spent time sorting through the mix of different types of people you’ll meet online. You won’t have time to meet all of them, nor would you care to meet all of them. Because your time is most likely limited, wasting time meeting someone just for the sake of going out may give you less time to date someone of quality whom you would have enjoyed better.

7.Video Chat

You may not want to do this with everyone, but if you’re seriously considering meeting one of your contacts, a random video chat here or there can be a good way to make sure this is indeed someone you want to meet.

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