26 DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Easter is just a few days away which means it is almost time to dye eggs! I have so many fond memories of dying eggs at home. My mom was always unbelievably patient with me…even when I tried dying our eggs before boiling them in water. (What a mess!) I will also never forget finding an egg weeks later hidden behind our piano…another oops.Check Out 26 DIY Easter Egg Ideas Here.

For those who celebrate, I am sure you can remember the good old days of buying the Paas egg kit that came with those little round tablets that you had to drop into vinegar. Somehow your hands always ended up getting stained an odd greenish brown color. I really wish I had known about this GENIUS idea. Today there are so many options! Eggs kits that have glitter, stickers, sparkles and pretty much anything you can think of.  For those who want to skip the kit and think “outside the carton” here are unique ideas for making beautiful Easter eggs.

26 DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Stamped Easter Eggs

Stamped Easter Eggslovelyindeed.com

Rhinestone Easter Eggs

Rhinestone Easter Eggsdiscover10.com

Paper Napkin Decoupage Easter Eggs

Paper Napkin Decoupage Easter Eggsmarthastewart.com

Ombre Easter Eggs

Ombre Easter Eggselhadadepapel.blogspot.com

Silk-Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Silk-Tie-Dyed Easter Eggsourbestbites.com

Marbleized Easter Eggs

Marbleized Easter Eggscamillestyles.com

DIY Natural Dye Easter Eggs

DIY Natural Dye Easter Eggsdiscover10.com

DIY Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Eggsmissrenaissance.com

DIY Ukrainian Easter Eggs

DIY Ukrainian Easter Eggsthealisonshow.com

Polka Dot Thumb Tack Easter Eggs

Polka Dot Thumb Tack Easter Eggswww.papernstitchblog.com

Black and White Doodled Hand Drawn Easter Eggs

Black and White Doodled Hand Drawn Easter Eggsdiscover10.com

Gold Leaf Easter Egg

Gold Leaf Easter Egg DIYwww.ambrosiagirl.com

DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs

DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggswww.studiodiy.com

Crochet Easter Egg Holder

Crochet Easter Egg Holderlvlyblog.com

Watercolor Easter Eggs

Watercolor Easter Eggsspoonforkbacon.com

Cement Easter Eggs

Cement Easter Eggscamillestyles.com

Knitted Easter Eggs

Knitted Easter Eggspurlbee.com

Ink-Stamped Easter Eggs

Ink-Stamped Easter Eggsneuerstoff.knobz.de

Easter Surprise Eggs

Easter Surprise Eggsnotmartha.org

Easter Egg Lunch

Easter Egg Lunchkailochic.blogspot.com

Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs

Confetti Dipped Easter Eggswww.studiodiy.com

Pineapple Easter Eggs

Pineapple Easter Eggswww.studiodiy.com

Metallic Easter Eggs

metallic easter eggstherefurbishedlife.com

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggstheremsnyders.blogspot.com

Eggshell Planter

Eggshell Planterlilliedale.blogspot.com