Hottest Style Diva Katy Perry Hairstyles

The singing stars and actresses are professed to be style icons in hairstyles. These charming women live in the glamour world and hence, new and mixed hairstyles are a part of their life style. The typical women folk are quite inspired by what these divas wear on their heads and also how they wear it. They keep a tab on the latest trends doing the round of these stars and try to style their own hair on the same lines. Katy Perry is one celebrity whose hairstyles and fashion sense is always in the lime light for their swanky look and cool diversity. Read More

Splendid and Stylish Ways to wear Skorts

Are you bored with the regular skirts you wear on a daily base & want to spice up your wardrobe with something different than this post will surely not upset you .What exactly is a Skorts? Read More

Stylish and Trendy Pastel Hair Color Ideas

The pastel hair color ideas are not only working for spring/summer days. You can also sport one flattering shade in winter. As the silver grey played an important role for last year’s hair color trend, the pale pink color is being very popular this year and it will look great on your head. Follow us with pastel hair color ideas for 2016 in this post and pick one that you like most to copy! Read More

Most Gorgeous Wedding Braid Hairstyles

Hey, girls! Do you like braiding your hair? Which kind of braid is your favorite? For me, I love French braid most as I think it looks most stunning among all kinds of braids. How about you? What hairstyle would you wear this summer? From fishtail braid ponytails and waterfalls to French braid updos, you can easily find one that will suit perfectly to your style. Today, let’s take a look at most stunning braid hairstyles for 2016 in post and draw some inspiration! Read More

Charming Ways to Wear Tropical Print Outfits

There’s no doubt that the tropical print is going to be the hottest trend for women this year. You can wear it on your top, shirt, dress or shorts whatever you like. The stylish pattern will be able to create a very cool and fabulous look and can be suited for women of all age groups in a flattering way. Check out amazing tropical print outfit looks in this post and choose one favorite! Read More